Geometry, symbolism, illusion, spagyric art
Pillows, blankets, t-shirts, hoodies and more
PURCHASE Personalized, branded, prints or original art WORKSHOP
Tell your story through art.

Welcome to the Official Casita Art site. I'm truly delighted to have you!

Have fun discovering and unraveling the language of symbolism, geometry and visionary art. Dive fully into it with an open mind and let it trigger your imagination. Questions or suggestions? Feel free to reach out!

Personalised art

Looking for a memorable, personal and original gift to surprise someone special with? By integrating their favorite images, symbols, birthdate, quotes, colors and many more elements, you get a gift that speaks a thousand words. Personally designed for the person in question, or perhaps for yourself to admire on the wall, but might as well be used for a tattoo with a personal message.

Branded art

Running a business or starting a business and you need help with a logo design, an artistic print or you need a creative twist to your design for a product? Reach out and let's brainstorm together how to pimp up your brand in a unique and original way! Examples: art on a surfboard, album cover, Art for VJ Footage, art on clothing or Items, wall & ceiling print for your office or café / restaurant, hallway.

Casita Art Original & Print

Seen something you like? The Casita Art Series keeps on expanding. Every line and detail is done by hand with pencil and acrylic markers, it takes weeks and sometimes months to finish a new piece. The prices are therefore on the very high end. Still drawn to the piece you like to purchase? The option to get a print on canvas instead is an affordable possibility. Art lending for special occasions is negotiable; also working with an art print license is an option for private & business.


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Webshop is not active yet! In the mean time keep an eye out. Or send an email if you want to purchase a Casita Art pillow or Blanket.


If you don’t want customized art on a canvas but instead on a shirt, hoodie, cap, blanket or pillow? Request a quotation for your desired design and item.