Visionary Art

Visionary Art, it’s where Art meets philosophy, a blend of symbolism and geometry with a deeper meaning to it. The flow of lines, colors and shapes weaved one into the other. It may seem abstract, but everything is in motion. It takes more than a few glances, yet instead it invites one to keep looking. Finding new interpretations, hidden symbols and Imageries. The more you will observe it the more you will discover. Some stories are ancient & some futuristic.  

“Pencils, paper or wood and an ounce of inspiration will do the magic!”

Every piece of art starts with a sketch. Most of my works start without having a concept. Going into a free flow of sketches as the story unfolds. Using pencils and acrylic markers such as molotow and posca. The art is either designed on canvas, wood or paper in color and sometimes in black & white. 

Order & webshop

I take on projects to design & create custom made Art, designs and logos for companies. This particular choice is called branding.

Then there is custom made art for Individuals based on (requested) symbols and elements to implement in an art design. To use for multiple things like tattoos, apparel, pillows, blankets, cards, canvas and an extension of other things you can choose from the webshop.

The third option to choose from is ‘existing art’. This is original artwork from the Casita Art series (if for sale). You can either choose to purchase the original piece or a canvas print. An existing art can also be printed on one of the webshop items.

These are the options once more in order;
1. Existing art, 2. Custom made Branding Art design, 3. Custom made art for individuals.

Exhibition & Workshops

On the website you can find an interactive calendar that will direct you to upcoming exhibitions and workshops. You can request or sign up for custom organised workshops for all ages, themes and other vestivities.